Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine Flu and Golf

"President Barack Obama’s administration sought to look both calm and in command, striking a balance between informing Americans without panicking them. Obama himself was playing golf while U.S. officials used a White House news conference to compare the emergency declaration with preparing for an approaching hurricane. " said this morning in regards to declaring the swine flu an emergency.

That does seem calming doesn't it? I feel much better knowing that the president was not concerned enough to cancel his tee time.

Is MSNBC really trying to put this out there as a good thing? Would you believe Obama went golfing in order for the American public to stay calm knowing he is enjoying a round rather than in the office finding a solution?

We get it, you're a celebrity. Little things like a deadly flu don't matter to you. That's right, stick to what you're good at - smiling for the camera.

Say cheese.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Anyone Else Worried?

I will do my best to keep my political stance out of this, but I have to say that I am worried. Regardless if you stand right or left, I am hoping that the American people are seeking to understand what is going on in Washington DC and not just reading and accepting as truth.

It began with an apology to the rest of the world for the arrogance of the United States people. What? How does that make you feel? Do you feel as though our president is on your side? I feel slightly betrayed.

Following this, there have been a variety of other events that made me step back and say "is this really happening?" The most current being the release of interrogation tactics. Now, I may not believe in fighting (the sound of a fist hitting skin makes me cringe just thinking about it) and I am for avoiding wars when possible. But I know that this country must do certain things to keep me and my friends and family safe. And when harsh measures must be taken to ensure our safety, full speed ahead. Do I want to know about them? NO. Do I want those threatening my safety to know what will be done to them? NO. When a plane is flying at the Pentagon or major landmarks, do I want to play the nice guy? NO.

The United States of America is a Powerhouse. If we want to remain a powerhouse we need to act like one. Instead we are playing the part a naughty child who got their wrists slapped. We are apologizing and changing our behavior so fast, I worry that in several months it will be too late. The majority of The People, no matter if they call themselves liberal, democrat or republican, will stand dumbfounded wondering how we got here. Well, let me give you a heads up. The decisions and actions being made today will be the cause of your worry (if you're not already.)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Give Me Money?

It is not a new concept that we are entering a world of the "gimmies". And whatever your political views, I'd like to hear someone defend that the new President is not encouraging us to think that way. Welcome to the new welfare nation.

So should I be surprised that an individual has the impudence to ask complete strangers to donate money so that she may have the wedding of her dreams?

Now, don't get me wrong. It's an ingenious concept. However, what ever happened to living within your means? Now if this girl had some sob story, I'm sure many of us would feel differently. But she clearly states that she cannot afford her dream wedding because "We spent last year paying off all our debt (with the exception of my car payment on my Toyota Corolla and the occasional credit card balance)".

There are plenty of brides out there that work full time jobs and remain out of debt AND can pay for a wedding (like me). Is it the wedding of my dreams? Pretty close and I will have the satisfaction at the end of it to say "We paid for it on our own". Blame it on our upbringing, but my fiancé and I are independent and would never stick our hand out.

This reminds me of several people I know that have had everything handed to them. New cars upon graduation, school, rent, shopping trips... you name it and it's covered by mom, dad or grandparents. And I truly feel sorry for them. They will always rely on someone else and never understand the true value of a dollar. And those thinking I'm bitter towards these type of people must have been one of them because only when you are entirely self supportive will you finally "get it".

So those of you interested, view her site here. Donate if you feel necessary and don't worry, she states she'll return the favor. Me? Let's just say I donated a dollar to her, she donated a dollar to me and now we're even.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

USB Rechargeable Battery???

Ok probably about the coolest thing I've ever seen! You'd have to have several USB ports since not many items need only one battery, but still, very inventive!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Since When Does The Right To Privacy Apply To Criminals?

I was a loyal Hotmail fan starting even before highschool. I love the way emails are displayed, especially pictures and had never had a problem....

Until I started getting up to 60 emails a day from "failure delivery" or "postmaster." When I opened one, the message I supposedly sent was in a forgein language. The emails were always to different people and in several languages. I was getting these mass emails every day and sometimes twice a day. Annoying, but they were easy to delete. After a few weeks of this, I contacted hotmail just to let them know what going on and make sure my account hadn't been hacked.

A week later, I received a generic email from Hotmail telling me the only thing I can do is change my password (thanks for the help...) THEN the next thing I know I was not aloud to send emails, a quota had been placed on my account and I would not be able to send out emails for the next 48 hours. Well that's convienient.

I replied back to Hotmail letting them know of the new development. ONE MONTH later I receive an email from a new Hotmail employee (by now I've opened a new email account and moved on, or at least I thought I did) telling me that due to security they can not tell me if my account has been hacked into. HA, so it's my account, but they can't tell the owner of the account if it has been hacked due to security? Makes perfect wait, it doesn't make any sense at all.

So.....long story short, Hotmail has terrible security!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Going The Distance

Fiance (FI) and I have been together for 6 years. A year and a half of that were spent in high school. We were as serious as you can get for a high school couple and decided to at least try to stay together when we went to college. He chose Michigan Tech located at the edge of the Earth and I chose a small private college in semi-civilization. We have been nearly 500 miles apart ever since.

Odds were against us, especially since we both changed so much over the last 5 years. But we made it and are more in love now then we have ever been. Go figure.

Things had always seemed to be extra hard for us, so of course we couldn't graduate the same year. FI had done several internships at Caterpillar which tacked on an extra year for him. So there I was, graduated and there was NO WAY I was moving to the artic where he was. I lucked out for once, and got a great job close to my family in the same city I attended college.

This last year has been the hardest. Probably because we know it's so close to being over. It's almost like we're on autopilot with our only thought being "1 more year, 8 more months, 6 more months, 4 more months...."

View my wedding bio to see more about us and our upcoming wedding.


I've been wanting to start a blog for awhile, but could not decide what I wanted to blog about. My first thought was, "who would want to read anything I write?" But then I started thinking... with so many thoughts and experiences, I want to be able to share them with others.

Here is some background on me and maybe you can relate to some of my situations or maybe you'll find some of them humorous, either way, I hope you enjoy my postings!

I graduated college in May 2008. (I know, what a time to be looking for a job! But I lucked out a found a job I enjoy close to my family.) In July of 2008, by boyfriend of 5 years received a great job offer and proposed. It looked like things were going great and after having had a long distance relationship since we graduated high school all I could think about was being with him every day.

Then just after Christmas, we received a hard blow. The job we had been counting on no longer exsisted due to job cuts in expectation of the economy. So now, we are still planning a wedding (over the phone, may I add...) but we have no idea where we will end up and what awaits us there. I'm a firm believer in everything happens for a reason, so I'm sure there is something better coming along. Things always work out....someway or another.